Beetlejuice (1988)


Dan Rad on the set of Kill Your Darlings


people say bisexuals are greedy but ive never met anyone greedier than a straight man

the maze runner is going to bomb so hard and this is where i leave you is going to do well i think because of its cast and also its very like “your kids are 20 somethings and this has jane fonda and tina fey! family movie!” bullshit

It’s White People Arguing About Family: The Movie, and people looooove that junk. It’s the only way to explain how August: Osage County did well and got awards when it was trash.

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yeah tbh but also you have like a few awards bait films so like you should be fine. also this is where i leave you is going to do really well.

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i think you fumbled on this is where i leave you tbh because the reviews are painting an awful portrait of it

I’m conflicted because I didn’t know about the reviews, but besides that it does seem like a decent bet. Then again, the audience and critics Rotten Tomatoes scores are averaged and multiplied by how many points you get from box office, so that might end up screwing me over. At least box office wise it’s opening up against The Maze Runner which is gonna be suuuuch a bomb.

hmmm true. but also colin firth as an action star like lmfao okay sure. but you also have interstellar which is going to make fucking BANK so yr fine.

It does look patently ridiculous, tbh, and it’s from the director of Kick-Ass, which okay. And yeah, I fought long and hard for Interstellar (which is gonna be sooooo dumb because Nolan sucks but it’s gonna make soooo much money), and I might even get a few Oscar noms out of that one (at the very least techincal ones). The only competition I miiiight have would be The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part One.

kingsman is going to bomb tbh like idk i saw the trailer and i was just like “this is gonna bomb”

Proooooobably, but then again it comes out in the wasteland that is February? At least everyone who’s not watching Fifty Shades Of Grey will be watching Kingsman, which is a good bit of counter-programming.